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Sheri Kay

Glass is one of those mediums that satisfies the tactile and the visual needs.  It's almost impossible not to want to touch a glass piece as well as look at it.

I started with traditional fusing glass, focusing on color and cuts.  I moved to experimenting with non glass inclusions included metals, foils and even natural elements like leaves.  My pieces were mainly vessels but with an overabundance of small pieces I quickly moved to jewelry pieces.  Every piece is one of a kind, and my jewelry is expressive.

In the last few years I've also been working with recycled glass.  Bottles, jars, old dishes and more, they all are reconfigured and re-formed into new pieces. 

The science behind glass also intrigues me.   Metals in glass, heat variations, and the myriad of other details makes every kiln opening a surprise  What worked one time may not work another.

I move from one form of glass to another, mixing my time between color and clear.  I hope you enjoy my creations, which are always made with love and happiness. 

You can also see my work at www.shmakcreations.com 

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