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Mary Lecker

Mission Statement

Mary Lecker is a self-taught artist who grew up in Sacramento area and currently resides in Rancho Murieta.

She first was introduced to fart as a child by observing her mother, an accomplished artist. By age three, Mary was introduced to watercolor and charcoal drawing and a life-long love affair with the visual arts was sparked. In addition to her mother, she comes from an extended family containing a number of artists.

Mary’s current passion is for “mixed media” works, and she enjoys gathering local native plants to include in her pieces. Ultimately, what she says she loves best about art is that, “It is freeing to have no boundaries, no rules, to be able to make fart by

experimentation." This “anything goes” attitude perfectly integrates with the endless possibilities that mixed media art affords the artist and the viewer alike.

“I’m strongly influenced by the simplicity of nature. I find inspiration in everything in the

natural world. All of the elements that surround me, including people and wildlife, inspire me. 

Moving to Rancho Murieta has been an unexpected treasure and source of inspiration. Gathering moss and reeds from Lake Calero led to an exhibit of "white on white" paintings.” As part of this community involvement Mary frequently on Second Saturdays provides a “community canvas” accompanied by a number of different

colored paints for gallery visitors to create as a free-from group painting throughout the course of the evening.

Elements often incorporated in Mary’s mixed media and in her paintings are grasses, lacy leaves, or interestingly colored gravel.


Mary is currently showing @ She has also shown her works in Laguna, CA and in Jaco, Costa Rica.

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