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Melissa Solley

Melissa Solley is an artist, singer, and actor from in Seattle, Washington.  She began her foray into the arts as a child, constantly sketching her interpretations of the world around her. She has shown her artwork in the Sacramento area and she is a featured artist for Red Door Studio, and is graduate of the Academy of Art University (Illustration - Comic Emphasis). Melissa has even had her work featured on stage and in independent films. Her on-camera experience includes training under Cody Dorkin at Studio24, in Folsom, CA. 


Melissa has also performed in various plays, musicals, choral groups, local commercials, and independent film projects. In over 15 years performing experience on stage, she has received multiple positive reviews for her work in the Sacramento News & Review. The common thread across all of her artistic pursues are a love for beauty, emotional intensity, and appreciation for whimsy and fancy.

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