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Jen Monson

Mission Statement

   From an early age, the pencil became a part of her hand. No paper could contain her, and she searched for other surfaces to create upon.

   She enjoys the challenge and discovery of learning through her own creative process. Trial and Error are her art buddies, as she builds on things already learned.

   Her current obsession is with creatures of water. Koi, whales, mermaids, and octopi. They create a sense of "calming excitement" in her imagination.

   The thing to look for the most are her FauxPonds. She has been crafting them since October 2015. And considering her short attention span, that's quite amazing! She gets the containers from local thrift stores, yard sale hunts, and the occasional friend. Being able to repurpose them into beautiful works of art is the start. The bowls, cups, and even plates speak to her, telling her that they are ready to become ponds, and even what fish they'd like! She just listens to them, and creates. Each one is special, and is loved. When one is bought, it is more like an adoption!

   On top of creating the Ponds, Jen also dabbles in paint, like acrylics and watercolors. And many other crafts that her attention can latch onto for a short time, like cardboard sculptures, clay, paper, plastic, etc.

   Jen keeps herself busy with the art creating, and selling at local shows and online. To keep up on where she will be next, go to, and look under Events.


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